Case Study – Barry Allaway

We’ve worked with Barry for a number of years – from his time as Managing Director of a large magazine distribution & logistics company to his subsequent personal, entrepreneurial business pursuits.

Barry and his team’s situation, before first hiring Victor Taylor and Aspect Web Management:

We wanted to build a long term relationship with a capable tech partner to build and maintain websites, WordPress sites, Shopify/eCommerce sites, ‘Active Campaign’ and email marketing assistance, Landing Pages…and other sales and marketing automation tools.

Barry Allaway
Barry Allaway

All the above has been provided for Barry and his team, for a wide variety of projects. Website building, design and maintenance; support with email marketing and other forms of marketing; technical assistance, repairs and problem solving; generally being an all-round, full service, web management outsource.

Web assistance has also included graphic design (some examples below) for various projects (for both web and print media). Logo designs; web graphics; banners/ads; social media content; flyers/leaflets; posters; pop-up banners for events, and more.

Other work has included the creation and design of presentations, e-books, email templates, printed company newsletters, booklets and more.


What, for Barry, has stood out about our services:

Victor has a willingness, and aptitude to learn / test new things as we built out over 10 different businesses in 4 years.


One of the positive effects using Aspect Web Management has had on Barry’s businesses:

We have been able to test and launch new concepts in a very cost effective way… Developing out what’s worked well, and killing quickly those that have not.

Barry’s thoughts if you are considering using Aspect Web Management for your business:

For a cost effective UK based outsourced supplier for SME and mid-sized businesses, then Victor / Aspect Web Management is well worth having on your side!

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