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Pinterest Marketing Service

What This Service Does for You

The Pinterest Management and Marketing service drives targeted traffic to your website, blog or store – and brings you an increasing amount of quality leads for you to convert into sign-ups or sales. Along with consultancy and advice.

Pinterest Marketing Service

How it’s Done

Taking your specific needs and objectives into account, your Pinterest Business Account is managed and grown for you, and continually optimised in various ways, so that it quickly becomes an integral part of your business success.

Pinterest Marketing Service

Why We Should Talk

Pinterest works quite differently to the other major social networks, which is one reason why it’s overlooked by many businesses. Outsourcing Pinterest management to a professional will help you to maximise its potential.

Pinterest is one of the best kept secrets in online marketing… Here are a few of its benefits and strengths:

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Growing followers isn’t essential for successful marketing on Pinterest.

While having a large following can help get your pins seen, Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social network.

A huge percentage (48%) of users are in buying mode.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, all see lower shopping rates. For example, shopping ranks as only the 7th most popular activity on Facebook, at 14%. Other platforms are lower than that…

Pinterest is a worthwhile environment for your business to be in!

The majority of users are from high income households. More often than not, people who use Pinterest have a sizeable disposable income.

New content you post/pin doesn’t quickly disappear beneath other people’s fresh content.

It sticks around and can easily be discovered for months or years to come, because Pinterest’s content is delivered according to relevancy, rather than the most recent content first.

As well as gaining traffic from Pinterest itself, Pinterest can attract lots of traffic and leads from Google or other search engines. Unlike Instagram for example.

In fact, your optimised pins, boards and profile all contribute to your find-ability online, and help your search engine rankings.

Incidentally, another advantage over Instagram posts is that every one of your pins can be a link – or even better, be a ‘Rich Pin’ that provides a seamless experience for the user between Pinterest and your website, blog or store.​

Unlike Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Google, you don’t get penalised for duplicate content.

You can create multiple pins all leading to the same content. Each image, not its link, is fresh content, which is what Pinterest wants.

With SEO and searches on Pinterest itself, you can get good results from more general and short keywords/phrases (rather than trying to work out specific/niche terms).

Pinterest doesn’t care about ‘domain authority’ or ‘backlinks’ like Google does, so competing for popular keywords is more of a level playing field, even for a new business/website.

The platform continues to grow in popularity. Its average active monthly user base grew 26% to 335 million monthly users last year.

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