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Hi, I’m Victor, founder of Aspect Web Management, now specialising in, and focusing on helping businesses to get the most out of Pinterest.

Since beginning my adventures in web design in 2002 (the days before Google or Social Media) I’ve had a wide variety of invaluable experiences, and developed many skills in the areas of websites and business on the Internet.

I’m also an artist, and when looking at beginning to sell my artworks I found that Pinterest had the best potential for promoting my products. As I delved more into Pinterest I found that I really enjoyed marketing on there.

I also discovered just how powerful Pinterest can be for driving traffic to your website. And realised how it’s overlooked by many businesses who simply don’t realise its massive potential…

Aspect Web Management provides quality, reliable assistance with most things web related…but I wanted to start focusing on a specific niche service, which also would be of huge benefit to clients. So I’m now at your service for Pinterest Management and Marketing!

Victor Taylor
Victor Taylor

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