Monthly Web Assistance Packages

You need TIME to market online effectively… Time to learn the latest online strategies… Time to manage your online presence.

Aspect Marketing

We Take That Time Off Your Hands.

You need to be regularly generating leads and prospects, and also doing things to keep, and sell to, your existing customers.

Aspect Marketing

We Help You to Do This Efficiently.

You need to stay on top of business operations, with smooth running, efficient systems, procedures and organisation.

Aspect Marketing

We Save You Many Headaches.

Outsource Your Web Related Management, Marketing and Admin Tasks.
A Cost Efficient Investment – for a Highly Effective Addition to Your Team.

Web Assistance Package


Web Assistance Package


Web Assistance Package


Web Assistance Package


All package retainer fees are the total amounts payable per month, and include VAT considerations.

We aim to be your business’s ‘Web Department’, or to add value and support for your existing team. Our ongoing work covers the areas where you require help, along with consultancy, pointing out opportunities… Generally being an active and valuable partner for your business growth.

Packages, as you can see, are based on the amount of time worked for you per month.

The specific work performed for you will be based around your own goals, objectives and current challenges. Naturally these are different for every business – so we learn about your business, aims, target market, your business brand/persona and more.

The service is initially for a one month trial, and we get to know your business and objectives better during the first month.

The web assistance provided for you can cover a wide variety of areas (without the quality and value of the overall service suffering).

We are here to aid you with all your creative and technical needs, along with online marketing support, and even general admin work.

From professional web copywriting to high standard graphics; from technical repairs/maintenance to search engine optimisation; from social media help to advanced email marketing… We are a one-stop solution for your web based needs.

Also, project management, and working with your existing systems or software if required, is all second nature to us.

You can rely on our world-class organisation skills and strong work ethic.

Our contract is signed digitally with an eSignature service.

There is of course room for amendments to the contract before signing, to be sure the agreement meets your needs and is suitable for our specific working relationship.

The service is initially for a one-month trial – to make sure we work well together and that you’re satisfied with the service.

We also spend time in the first month getting to know your business and objectives better, without affecting your basic Package time.

After that, it is suggested you commit to a 3 month, or 6 month agreement, but you can continue with a monthly agreement if you choose to. Either way, there’s no need to sign a contract again because all of this is covered in the initial agreement.

Payment is made in advance, and due within 7 days of the invoice. We will begin work immediately each month or period, while awaiting the payment.

If additional time is spent in a given month or period (by your request or with your consent), it is charged for at an hourly rate and invoiced for at the beginning of the following month or period.

Up to one hour additional time is allowed for, for free, as a part of each Package.

If you require, or consent to, additional hours in a given month, the additional time is charged at an hourly rate. This hourly rate depends on the Package you have.

  • £40/hour if you are on the 10 hours package.
  • £36/hour if you are on the 20 hours package.
  • £32/hour if you are on the 30 hours package.
  • £28/hour if you are on the 40 hours package.

We will notify you as soon as we suspect that more time may be needed in a given month, to give you the option of having extra time or (once the Package time is spent) leaving things until the following month.

Each Package is a Monthly Retainer. The ‘10 Hours / £400 per month’ Package is the minimum retainer available. This ensures that we can spend an effective amount of time on delivering great value, and for making a real difference in your business.

If less time than the allotted hours is worked in a given month, the allotted hours aren’t carried over to the following month.

However, we always aim to fill the time completely, with room for up to one hour more on top for free. And if you don’t have enough required work during a particular month, we’ll suggest things that can be done for you – to benefit your business, and fill the time.

We track the work performed, and provide you with a full Report each month, which includes the time, dates and overview of the work/tasks.

Time is spread out across the month, rather than completing, for example, the whole time in one week.

As an existing client, you may potentially request work on something that would be classed as a one-time project, but which can’t be included in your Package due to the size/complexity or nature of the project…

This is fine, and any project of this type can be discussed and invoiced for separately.

Also, if you only need to hire us for a one-time project, without using an ongoing Package, just contact us, and we’ll be happy to talk about it.

To find out more, or to arrange a time to talk, use any of the contact methods on the contact page.
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