3 core techniques for growing your mailing list

3 core techniques for growing your mailing list

To build your mailing list, apart from other methods, you need an ongoing process of driving traffic to your website/forms, converting site visitors to email subscribers, and encouraging subscribers to refer friends to your website or mailing list.

Once you have a subscriber on your list, you need to treat him/her right, to nurture a trusting relationship.

But to get him/her onto your list in the first place, it’s about traffic, conversions, and referrals.

1. Traffic

Driving highly-targeted traffic to your website (or directly to sign-up) on an ongoing basis.

Your target niche/market will of course be your main people to target as potential email subscribers.

Getting more people to visit your website (and also to sign up directly to your mailing list without visiting your site) is an in-depth topic! So it will be expanded upon continuously in future blog posts.

Learn ways, and/or hire people to help drive traffic to your site and sign-up forms on a regular basis.

2. Conversions

Doing everything you can to convert that website traffic into email subscribers when they get there.

Many website owners don’t take full advantage of emphasising their mailing list and coaxing people to sign-up.

People can join your list with forms on other platforms – and you do what you can to get them to sign-up there – but make sure your website as a whole has getting email subscribers as a central purpose.

3. Referrals

Getting your subscribers to promote and refer you to friends.

Your existing customers, and audience, in most cases, don’t always think to refer you to their friends or share your stuff…

They need a little push, and reminders. When you ask people (personally) to refer you or share your stuff, if they like you they are often more than willing to do so, even if they hadn’t considered it beforehand.

For the growth of your mailing list, it’s simply a matter of reminding people, and asking on a frequent basis. In a non-spammy way.

You ask people to spread the word by sending friends to both your website (where you’ve made signing up to your email list very tempting) and by sending friends to where they can sign-up directly to your mailing list.

As more people sign-up to your list, they also are encouraged to share, recommend, and refer people to your list – for a knock-on effect over time.

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