Are your website images a drag?

Slow website problem

If your site is sometimes (or always!) slow to load when you visit it, it is likely having a negative effect.

It is likely affecting your search engine ranking, your sales (if you sell at your site), and possibly turning potential customers away if they don’t have the patience to wait, or if they see it as a negative reflection on you and your business.

One of the main ways to help resolve this is to optimise or compress the images on your website. The number of, or size of your images is a good first thing to look at. They are a likely suspect for what’s putting some of the drag on the speed of your website’s loading time.

This can be done manually using software such as Photoshop or Gimp, or you can use plugins for your website to automatically do this for you. Try a search for optimisation/compression plugins to browse available options…

Other issues apart from images could be affecting the speed at which your website loads, so it’s worth investigating – rather than just accepting having a slow site – for the sake of the health of your website and business.

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