Consistency with Your Online Presence

Consistency with Your Online Presence

It’s very important to be consistent…

(This includes being consistent regarding when you put out blog posts, YouTube videos, social posting and so on.)

But what I’m referring to in this post, is consistency at this moment in time – across all your material.

If your social media pages have different information on them from each other and your website, for instance, it confuses people and makes you seem amateur.

You might be a new business – or you might be very busy/overwhelmed by the number of things to keep on top of with your online presence – or you may see consistency across your website and other platforms as low priority…

But you don’t want to come across as amateur in your presentation, or your marketing.

Your online presence is your public face in many ways. If your current website’s graphic design style doesn’t match your current social media graphic design style, as another example, it harms your brand.

confused by your inconsistency

This goes for your ongoing brand over time too.

For instance, have specific themes for different promotional campaigns…but keep your whole online profile (at least from now on) congruent and easily recognisable as content by YOU – with how you use graphics, branding, personality/character, type of content, and so on.

There will, of course, be prospects and customers who don’t care about this kind of stuff. They may be customers or fans of your business and willing to forgive this kind of thing, or it simply doesn’t matter to others.

But there are also plenty of people (some influential…some potentially great customers…) who notice. Who get confused and quickly give up. Who judge you negatively.

Why do anything in a sloppy way? It’s not hard to be consistent and simply update all platforms, website, social media, promotional material at the same time.

Why neglect this, when consistency is extremely good for business?

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