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This might seem a little obvious to some, but it is surprising the amount of websites that are still not responsive, or are poorly optimised.

A Responsive Website is one that can adapt its content and alter its structure depending on the device it’s being viewed on.

A responsive site with, for instance large images and a complex menu system on a full size monitor looks and acts differently when viewed on a mobile device. This ensures ease of use for your visitors.

It doesn’t mean a ‘separate mobile version’ of the site. It means an intelligent site than can detect the size of the screen you are viewing it on, and give you the best options/layout within that screen space.

One important reason why this is necessary is that, since 2015, Google has been giving preference to sites that have a responsive design when searched via a mobile or tablet device.

Older, non-responsive sites may have performed well when searched for online are not performing as well now. They will continue to struggle to gain rankings online and to be found by potential customers.

If your website is not mobile optimised, you could be in trouble, and it’s wise to get this rectified as soon as you can.

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