Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

These techniques and opinions – on an effective way to approach social media in your business – are based on what has been seen to achieve brilliant results for other businesses time and time again.

It’s not the only way to approach things of course, and different kinds of businesses will have different needs, company cultures, and so on.

However, here’s a generalized but powerful Social Media Strategy…

Building community around your business

Building community around your business

The best use of social media is to socialise, network, entertain, and build a community around your business (with a primary mission of getting people over to your mailing list).

Your Facebook Page (for example), should have content based around anything related to what your niche/target audience is likely to be into. It can be any topic or subject or questions you think your kind of prospects would appreciate, and most importantly what they might want to share.

Have your actual products or services as more of an afterthought, and taking up a small amount – say 10-20% – of your output.

This might be counter-intuitive, and you may be eager to just blast people with your offers in the hope that people will buy, or that your offers will be shared and spread…but, that simply won’t happen.

Doing that is treating your social accounts like advertising billboards, and ‘social’ media isn’t the place for that. (Sponsored posts or social media advertising is the place for that.)

Build a community. Continually communicate and engage with your community. You have to nurture and cultivate your community, your tribe, your loyal fan base – and subscribers to your email list.

Advertising on social media

Advertising on social media

The best approach to paid advertising on social platforms is to first become good at generating free traffic to your website and mailing list. Get good at engaging people. Learn about what makes your kind of prospects tick.

Then try paid adverts on a small scale first. Then, scale up when you can. It can be a very effective way to attract new leads to your business – and onto your mailing list – with it being highly targeted at people who are likely to be interested.

Make sure you’re ready first though. Make sure you understand your target market and customer profile: what drives them, their general interests, what draws them to your kind of service/product and so on. Then you can target people better and not waste your advertising budget.

Get organised

Get organised

Being active on social platforms can be very time-consuming, and distracting, as you’re probably aware… So it’s advisable to have a system or routine.

Because social media is a social thing, and you likely use it in your personal life, it’s easy to make the mistake of diving in to your social media marketing with no plan at all to make it successful.

However, you should know what your objectives are. Something more detailed than say, “Get more leads and promote our business.”

Agree on who will be responsible for each aspect of social media, or each platform, and how much time the people involved will need to realistically do it all.

It’s also best to have one person in particular in charge of your social media efforts, who keeps things on track – so decide who that is. (Or hire us!)

And make building your mailing list one of the priority ongoing objectives.

Focus on 2 main platforms

Focus on 2 main platforms

To build an effective and growing presence on a particular platform, it’s necessary to communicate with and engage with your followers, be consistent with how often you post and share items, stay creative and engaging, and put in the time

The more platforms you try to maintain, the more stretched you will be and the less successful you will be. That’s why focussing on just two platforms is advised. Or even just one major platform.

It makes sense to still have a presence and profile on additional, major or relevant platforms, to be maintained/used on a less frequent basis, or in a more basic way…

Just consider how much certain social sites and apps are actually directly helping you and your goals, and whether they are worth the time for you in particular.

How relevant are they to your niche or marketplace?

Be social more than commercial

Be social more than commercial

The most important aspect of social media is that it is social.

Provide value by engaging with people and actively participating in conversations, not blasting them too much with marketing messages or stuff that’s always all about you.

Do people favours: promote your peers without wanting anything in return. Most people love this, remember you, and want to reciprocate the favour.

Simply remember it’s a social environment, and people don’t really have time for anyone who is mainly just self-promoting.

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